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Non Pofit Organisation​

Who are we

Ruth Conversations is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) established to drive socio-economic development initiatives that will ensure the positive social well-being of communities whilst empowering women/man, children, youth and the elderly in particular; on areas of counseling victims of abuse, youth empowerment through Inspirational talks, Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring.

The Organisation operates at the grassroots level of communities and institutions interested and involved in the development, empowerment, and capacity building of Women/Men, children, elderly, youth, and the vulnerable in both Peri-urban and rural communities.

Our Vision

A life without Abuse and Trauma

Our Mission

Through Facilitation and Conversations or dialogue engagements with Males and Females beings of all ages that have been abused or traumatised; the rejected and bullied, stressed and depressed; in the form of Events, Functions, Celebrations and Ceremonies.

Our Objectives

To encourage, inspire, give hope, empower burdened, scorned, and heavy-laden women /men who are facing challenges of life in any form; and bring them to the realization that God is our only light and salvation.

To reach all kinds of women and men to inspire them to get up and look at life with more enthusiasm, and not to give up despite the challenges that may appear insurmountable.

To promote sound and confident women and men who can testify that what happened to them was a stepping stone and use it as a testimony to God’s glory.

To give scorned women/men the confidence to believe in themselves, that they are not alone, that they went through a season of hardship and that the storm is over.

To encourage them to believe and be still and know that there is a God to look up for Hope and Grace.


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