I was raped at a very tender age and that was unconsciously blocked in my mind for years. I never used to have problems till 2013 where i vividly remembered everything as it happened. 2014 it got worse, I remember one day in class this lecture was talking about rape and all and that’s when

Tsidi Nkanyane
24 March 2017

Parental Challenges

Growing up with separated parents was not an easy path for me. I used to feel empty within, giving up to life every now and then. I did not have a relationship with my mother and that made me feel that she hates me…2015 I met Ruth at church, she used to talk to me

18 October 2018


I was in love with this guy & really love him. We almost spend four to five years together, not knowing that he never feels the same about me. After breakup, I didn’t know what to do, going through breakup is very difficult, emotional & stressful. I thought maybe I can’t live without him. I

1 May 2019

Life Challenges

Family, today I turn 52 years old . I can only see His Grace in my life. Repeating Grade 6 and 12, having my son at age 21, but I had a supporting structure at home that stood by me until I graduated as a Secondary School Teacher in 1998. After being Gang Rape by

Ruth Munaka Mutsila
15 June 2022