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Life Challenges

Family, today I turn 52 years old . I can only see His Grace in my life.

Repeating Grade 6 and 12, having my son at age 21, but I had a supporting structure at home that stood by me until I graduated as a Secondary School Teacher in 1998.

After being Gang Rape by 3 guys in 1995 and keeping quiet for 17 years…

The year 2000 I moved to Gauteng to follow my sweetheart

2002 I got married In Community of Property, I also got a Permanent Job at the Department of Health in Gauteng.

In 2003 we bought our house in Kempton Park and also Registered an IT Bussines , I took Loans to kick start our bussines.

Abuse was always there, I just didn’t know it was abuse until I was admitted the first time for Anxiety & Stress , I was in and out of hospital due to stress and depression.

I was bullied, ashamed, targeted and demoted at work…

I grieved the loss of my loved ones (My Father, first born brother and Second born) I thank God I still have a mother who is 79 years old.

I had to give up my marriage with everything attached to it to save my heart.

2007… After divorce, being financially broke ( I lived on loans) , 2008 my car repossessed at work. My Son had to drop out of school because I could not afford to pay his fees.

In 2013 I decide to tell my family about the Rape and also that I want to start a the Ministry.
That’s how my Foundation was born. Rutheology: Ruth’s Conversations NPC Organizations was registered.

It was not easy to Heal and forgive those who have hurt and abused me but, because I had Friends, Family Coluegues, Pastors and Counselors on my side I made it,  it was a difficult journey indeed.

This life experiences changed me to be a Bitter, angry, resentful, full of worry, I always felt afraid, out of control and even made stupid decisions sometimes. I decided to put a wall around me, so that nobody can ever hurt or abuse me again.

I had to forgive my rapists even though they never said sorry. I had to let go of my House and bussines to get my peace. I had to forgive those who bullied me and Reject me even though they never said sorry. I was Accused of stealing other peoples husband’s, Accused of witch craft, I was told I was self centered and stupid by people i loved. I thank God Almighty for Healing me.

I resigned for my Government work in 2019 September just before the Covid – 19 Pandemic and moved back home to Limpopo, It was not easy but God has sustained us.

One thing I am confident about is God had a purpose for me to go through all that I went through. I just didn’t know it then. So be encouraged and don’t loose hope.

I now have an office, where I am helping all those who are Traumatized and Abused for free. We need more sponsors to do the work because it’s not doable with Financial assistance.

So family, Happy Birthday to me.

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